Ferguson A Protest for Justice - A Regional Issue
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Sunday, August 17, 2014
By Phoebe Landrum
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A Protest for Justice - A Regional Issue

In light of the recent news in Ferguson I wanted to post photos I took when I went there to see first hand what was happening. As I sat nursing my broken leg watching and reading the news of the events that led up to the protests I felt uneasy and saddeded to see my city and comminities so broken and hurting. I had to go there. I took my kneeling scooter into the crowed and whitnessed a peaceful community of all races united together with one voice. 

As I read and watched the news I saw such a misunderstanding of our city. I recommend the following links for a history of Ferguson and St. Louis for greater understanding.  

August 17 ·  · Taken at Ferguson, Saint Louis, Missouri  LINKS TO UNDERSTAND WHAT IS HAPPENING IN FERGUSON  

 Missouri Complicated History http:// www.newrepublic.com/ article/119106/ferguson-missouris-complicated-history-poverty-and-racial-tension

Whats really happening in Ferguson? http://www.truthdig.com/report/item/rebellion_in_ferguson_a_rising_heat_in_the_suburbs_20140817

See More on FB: https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.819411578093273.1073741853.154322501268854&type=1

Man shakes cops hand.  ©Phoebe Landrum Photography  Ferguson Protest - A regional issue — at Ferguson, Saint Louis, Missouri.

Man shakes cops hand notice the young men in the background looking on with fear and confusion.   ©Phoebe Landrum Photography 

Young girl peeks through sunroof of car with hands up taking in the crowed. ©Phoebe Landrum Photography

Buddist Monk visits Ferguson to represent peace. ©Phoebe Landrum Photography

Young men demonstrait the surrender pose ©Phoebe Landrum Photography

Emotions show on every face ©Phoebe Landrum Photography

the Infinity Step Team represents with chants and dance- steps calling the crowed to support justice. ©Phoebe Landrum Photography

I love this guys face and all the youth that surrounds him. ©Phoebe Landrum Photography

A Father grips his child ©Phoebe Landrum Photography

Young lady stands in the center of the street with hands up bearing the St. Louis fleur-de-lis.  ©Phoebe Landrum Photography

Young boy plays next to graffitied box. ©Phoebe Landrum Photography